27 May, 2012

The Lonely May Post

This has been my worst month for internet access in a while, so there hasn't been much activity.

I re-published "How the Apocalypse Can Make You Lose Your Job" online, available at Amazon or Smashwords. The story's page is also updated, including some author notes of potential interest.

No fantasy overview this month, sorry. I'm over half done with the "Historical and Steampunk" category, so you can expect that next.

Things are likely to remain quiet for a while. Due to unexpected progress (and organizational reprioritizing) my job is kicking into high gear. My project is going to complete in two years instead of three and then I'll be moving to a different city, thankfully one with better internet. I have a potential contract to do some programming for a hospital there, but we still need to discuss the exact nature of the work. All of this is going to use up time.

Hopefully once the move is complete, I'll be able to actually give this experiment the time it deserves.