20 January, 2013

The Rainbow of Doom Launched

As war draws closer, the first shots have already been fired at Axis University. The attacks have thrown three students together into an unlikely alliance: Blake, scion of Darkness; Keisha, servant of Light; and Aki, a wildcard with powers that don't fall anywhere on the continuum. That alliance grows tenuous as Aki's powers turn sinister, Keisha desperately searches for a deadly imposter on campus, and Blake has to pay his debts to Darkness.

This semester, the students face a bigger threat than attacks from outside - the faculty are taking sides and they aren't afraid to use their students as pawns. This time, they're not going to stumble into someone else's battle: they're the target.

Author Notes
This book was more difficult than the others, because for the first time my beta readers were extremely divided on multiple issues. I tried to write something focused directly on the university, with less of the plotlines from other realms so that I could wrap up several things ongoing around campus. And of course, I was able to do a mystery plot the way I wanted to, even if it wasn't necessarily a good idea...

11 January, 2013

"The Bloody Veil" available free

For the next five days, for anyone with Amazon Prime. But if you fall into those categories, feel free to check out one of my favorite short stories I've put online:

Blurb: "In three hours, Hecate will be forced to marry a man she'd rather kill. They both know she'll sacrifice herself to save her fellow witches. But as Hecate considers the bloody path that led her to the altar, she realizes that there is one last chance to escape. A love story with more killing than your average romance."

Last time I made the story available free, I got a very kind review from someone going by ireneQ. It's always nice to get unsolicited reviews from people you don't know in real life, online, or anywhere else, especially when people enjoyed a story that much.

The deal ends on the 15th, though of course after that it's still available for free via Kindle Lending Library. Actually, the deal may not have started yet for all of you in North American time zones. But soon, probably before anyone reads this.

09 January, 2013

Mailing List Revamp

I never planned to heavily use my mailing list, but I did plan to use it more than once a year. So take a look to the right to notice the signup form, with it's car salesman style incentives.

This short story is a bit of an interesting case. You'll see why it wasn't in Sorcery and Scholarships, but if you want more clarity on the magic system or to see the characters again, you might enjoy it. If there's anyone who wants to join the mailing list but doesn't care about The Dying War, I intend to get something else for you. Note that I say "intend" instead of "plan."

I've finally updated the Currently Writing page (though not with anything exciting) and also added one more FAQ, though getting asked one time is stretching the definition even further.

01 January, 2013

2012 in Review

2012 was a long year. I changed jobs and moved to different city. One of the biggest personal decisions of my life was resolved. A great deal of my time was spent researching some topics that will have a substantial impact on my life long term. I read a lot, gamed some, and watched a little. I reshaped some of my habits into a mix that I hope to sustain for life. My work took me to every country in East Africa.

Oh, and I started this writing experiment. That happened too.

2013 is unlikely to be as eventful. My current work contract expires mid-year and I'm not sure what I'll be doing after that. There will be a few other significant decisions as well.

But for things relevant to the blog, here's what's coming up in the near future:
 - January 11-15, The Bloody Veil will be available for free on Amazon Kindle Select.
 - Mid-January, a new short story will be available free via this blog.
 - By January 25 at the latest, The Rainbow of Doom will be released.

In August I'll release the 4th novel in the series, Digital Necromancy. Otherwise, I hope to focus on other projects, so the blog will be as quiet as usual.