13 May, 2014

Sorcery and Scholarships is now free!

The first novel in The Dying War is now available for free on Smashwords, making it even easier to start the series. If you like urban fantasy with genre-savvy characters, there's four books waiting for you with a fifth on the way.

Check out the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads for other people's perspectives and all the positive adjectives I couldn't bring myself to cram into this post.

Everyone wishes the ancient prophecy would go away. Pixies commute to work and sirens make mp3s of their songs, yet antique forces stubbornly persist. They want to bring about a war between Light and Darkness in an era when most people just want to cash in on the merchandising.

Aki is struggling to make ends meet and hopes her scholarship can at least earn her a better apartment. Blake refuses to believe he could be something so cliché as a Knight of Darkness. Keisha is pursuing a career in law when she's told she has no choice but to serve the forces of Light. All of them will be attending the same university, whether they like it or not.

It's hard to think about dark omens when there's a term paper due, much less a party that night. But they'd better relax while they can, because after college is only the real world, which is stranger and more dangerous than they could possibly imagine.

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