02 August, 2014

Gin and Ambrosia Launched

As Aki, Blake, and Keisha begin their last semester at Axis University, they realize that they've had it easy so far. Soon they're going to have to face the real world, worrying about jobs before they can think about any coming war. Worst of all, some friendships can't last past college.
That's assuming they can survive to graduation, because everything they've done is coming back to haunt them. Old enemies like Tierdrial and Risa take the gloves off, Emile and Tiffanos drag them into new schemes, and Axis University moves its plan another step forward. There's going to be another bid to remake reality, this time not the kind that can be stopped by a bunch of lucky students.

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Author Notes
Though this book went through more revisions than average, in the end I'm pleased with it. This is the one I couldn't do without the foundation of the first four books, really putting all the pieces that have been set up into play.