Sorcery and Scholarships

Sorcery and Scholarships is the first book in the series I wanted to put online. The series as a whole is called The Dying War, but I assume no one cares about series titles after reading only one book.

Book II: Wizardry on Caffeine
Book III: The Rainbow of Doom
Book IV: Digital Necromany
Book V: Gin and Ambrosia
Book VI: The Potted Yggdrasil (coming 2015)

I enjoy broad plots that cover many characters, places, and themes. But when I write those, I tend toward the serious side. With this series I wanted to try something with a lighter tone, characters that keep a sense of humor even when faced with significant problems. I also wanted to write a self-aware urban fantasy, instead of a "modern" world where everyone is inexplicably genre blind.

The plot is planned to the end, but I'm not sure how many books it will be. Turning an outline into a novel requires shifting various elements, so the amount of material remaining doesn't fall into a neat number of books. I hope it's obvious I'm not pacing for just a trilogy, but this isn't going to be Wheel of Time length. The individual books should remain roughly the same length, though since each is a unit of the story some might need to be longer.